What's in a name?

In the last few weeks I have spent quite some time wandering around the 321 Cider apple orchards and checking on the growing red and green orbs of fruit that are peeking from beneath the foliage of our trees. It has brought some reflection on the gorgeous names given to...

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Summer Has Arrived!

Summer is upon us in the 321 Cider Apple Orchard! Our wonderful bees have been busy and our beautiful apple blossoms have transformed into fruit. The trees are laden with their tiny apples, showing promise for an excellent crop this year.The beginnings of the 2014 Cider Vintage!

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Spring in the Apple Orchard

It's Springtime at Spring Vale Farm! After a long cold winter, the first blossoms have appeared on our apple trees! A promise of a great apple harvest this season.  What's happening in the orchard at this time of year? Environmentally friendly coddling-moth control measures! Each tree trunk is wrapped in...

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