• What's in a name?
  • Lana Cormie
What's in a name?

apple orchard

In the last few weeks I have spent quite some time wandering around the 321 Cider apple orchards and checking on the growing red and green orbs of fruit that are peeking from beneath the foliage of our trees. It has brought some reflection on the gorgeous names given to these trees, thousands of years ago - and such whimsical names they have!

The apple trees, named many years ago in far-off lands, conjure up images of English countryside and cherished trees kept in the home orchard of many an Englishman. The next row may hail from France, Wales, Ireland, or even America and yet here they are, planted side-by-side in our very own orchard.

... Browns Apple, Bulmers Norman, Foxwelp, Mutsu, Somerset Redstreak, Sweet Coppin, Yarlington Mill, Tremlett's Bitter, Belle DeBoskoop, Baldwin, Kingston Black, Dunns Seedling, Breakwell's Seedling, Golden Harvey, Sweet Alford, Brown Snout, Dabinett, Reines des Hatives, Stokes Red, Michelin, Blenheim Orange ...

Now their names are written on tags, nailed to the posts in our orchard, with the descendants of these original trees growing happily (and fruitfully) under the Australian sun. The original varieties came to be long before Australia was even settled, let alone the home of an apple tree. I wonder what Mr Dabinett or Mr Brown would think of that!?


  • Lana Cormie