Our Handcrafted Ciders


321 Ciders are lovingly created from blossom to bottle.

Our collection of boutique ciders have characteristics that vary from year to year, depending on the conditions of each individual growing season. This is what makes 321 Cider special - It is authentic and traditional.Our trees are nurtured for the special heritage cider apples they produce and the unique flavours that they bring to our cider. This is in contrast to many other ciders, which are made from only dessert (sweet) apples or even apple concentrate. Our special cider apples contain tannins and complex flavours, making our cider quite different to other mass-produced products.

Our cider apples are blended with locally sourced sweeter apple varieties to produce a balanced flavour. Traditional methods are used and the team is committed to the ongoing development of traditional cider - with a distinctive local Australian character.

Our volumes are limited - we are not a mass market producer. We choose to remain small and are loyal to our principles of authenticity, quality and traceability.

321 Original Cider is a light, crisp blend of traditional cider apple varieties. A still cider.

321 Traditional Cider is a full flavoured dry cider, made using traditional techniques. A still cider. This is a medal-winning cider.

321 Sparkling Ciders will be coming soon and we are excited to introduce this new product, perfect for your next celebration.

All our ciders are gluten free. Our apples are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides and minimal sulphites are added in the production process to ensure quality and freshness. A healthy and delicious alternative!

How to drink 321 Apple Cider?

We love our ciders served cold, especially on ice. It is a beautifully refreshing summer drink, but can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Apple cider and cheese platters are a match made in heaven!

A wonderful accompaniment to any meal.

321 Cider - Refreshing, Authentic, Traditional, Handcrafted

The 321 Cider Experience - Relax, Celebrate, Refresh, Enjoy