Our Orchard

321 apples are grown using organic principles

on our family farm, the historic 'Spring Vale Farm' circa 1862. The orchard overlooks the beautiful Lake Learmonth, not far from Ballarat.

The trees are traditional cider apple trees, which are very old varieties, used for centuries in Europe and America to make cider. These apples are small and bitter, containing wonderful tannins. When blended with sweeter apple varieties they lend a complexity to our cider, not seen in many others.

There are about 1000 trees in our orchard. All were planted by the founders and most are now over 10 years old. There are 20 varieties including many that you would expect such as Browns, Michelin, Yarlington Mill and Kingston Black - however there are others that are much less common.

The orchard is cold in winter - with very occasional snow and tends to hot in summer - resulting from its altitude and latitude.

Seasonal variation is part of the nature of the 321 ciders, with apples hand picked in the rhythm of each season.

The orchards are irrigated and fertilized, but only very lightly. No chemicals or pesticides are used. Our focus is on flavour, rather than volume. 

Our trees have been carefully selected for the special qualities of their apples and this in turn makes for a very special and distinctive cider.

 View some photos of our orchard